My new Ma.gnolia

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I am such a loyalist, but I am so disappointed that Ma.gnolialost my bookmarks that I have decided to take matters into my own hands. I have been a devout fan of Ma.gnolia for a couple of years so you can imagine that I have a lot of stuff marked. My bookmarks are going to be here now. I hope it doesn’t spam up the blog.

Magnolia logo

Will I use them when they come back online? Not sure. I do like the service that they provide. And the folks there are pretty cool—I’ve chatted a bit with a couple of them via email to resolve some of the blog syncing issues. Maybe this is just an excuse for me to herd my digital fragments back to home base.

I do want to say how sorry I feel for them. I have had this kind of thing happen before and it is devastating. I am not sure exactly how they are making money apart from the pro service that they offer, but I can image they’ll be giving some refunds for this little faux-pas. I most certainly hope they can make it through this financial market. Best of luck guys!