The Benefits of Raising Your Own Chickens

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This post has stuff about a previous relationship and eating meat. My perspective has changed


Well it’s official. We’ve been considering buying some chickens as a way to keep Kayla entertainedlive a more sustainable life and today we finally pulled the trigger, er, buried the hatchet…uh, sealed the deal. There are a number of reasons we’d want to raise chickens, here are a few:

dl. Eggs-a-plenty:From what I’ve read a few hens will pump out more eggs than a family of four can handle. You can give the extras to your neighbors
Fun for the family:Kids love watching chicks grow up. Each little chicken has its own personality.
They eat bugs:We’ve got some spiders, roaches, and crickets that some chickens would probably love to munch on
Natural gardeners:Apparently these gals will take care of your weeds and produce some good fertilizer for your yard. Maybe they’ll mow it for me too…
They’re edible:I suppose if times got tough we could eat one of them. Of course we’d have to have a nameless chicken around so that the wife and kids wouldn’t get too attached

Rectangular wooden tractor coop parked in the gravel

Mary and I built this chicken coop over the weekend. It took us about 6 hours from start to finish. I trimmed up the roof and put some hinges on it and Mary added a nice barn-red paint job. I still have yet to put the sides on the nesting area but the chicks seem to really like their new little home.

Check out Why Chickens? for more info.
Photo by Blueberry Pony