My Blog Blueprint: Part 3

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This post has stuff about religion. My perspective has changed


As if I don’t already overshare enough it’s time to discuss the areas that will make this blog successful and the issues that are holding it back. It’s like I am a glutton for punishment. Yes, everybody, here are more of my shortcomings.


D. Keith Robinson, of internet fame, once said that a successful blog is

  • > Well written
  • > Frequently updated
  • > Consistent
  • > Open
  • > Responsive
  • > Well designed
  • > Aware of its audience
  • > Varied in topic
  • > Personal
  • > Thick skinned
  • > Honest
  • > Accountable
  • > Funny

I don’t want to reinvent the wheel so I will use those qualities as a basis for this blog. As Lorelle pointed out there are many other criteria for a successful blog. Due to the now-forming nature of this blog I’ve got to add a couple more:

  • Present sound logical cases
  • Be well organized and clutter-free

These could both fit into Keith’s list but I thought it would be better to split them out as they fit well with my objectives.

Present Position/ SWOT Analysis


  • The arguments that I present are typically well researched and logically sound
  • I’m familiar with the common logical fallacies
  • I have an interesting design
  • My personality type is good for this type of blog


  • I do not have a solid niche/brand, without which there will be no value to the articles that I post, nor prospects for monetization (if I do choose to go that route).
  • I’m not very interesting and writing at a post-graduate level (sometimes) doesn’t help.
  • It’s hard to find time to research
  • Staying motivated. Oh how my mind wanders. I got bored with this post an hour ago. Just kidding. ;)
  • Fostering logical discussion and being nice to commenters
  • Posting about relevant universal topics


There is an opportunity to tap a Christian-intellectual niche. If the content is written well it could develop into a book. There is a possibility to further refine the niche to “entry level Christian intellectuals” like myself—those who do not have a background in philosophy or writing.


  • CARM. If I go the Christian-intellectual route CARM has pretty much already done it. And in the print world this area is already pretty saturated ( AFAIK ) by theologians far greater than I.
  • ChangeThis. In their own words, “We’re on a mission to spread important ideas and change minds.” The manifestos on this site are created by a multitude, not one individual. They look pretty. They’re interesting to read. And the idea was conceived by Seth Godin (jeeze). It’s also got a company behind it with more money than me.

It looks like I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me.

Interesting reads

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