Maximize Your Sabbath by Asking These Eight Questions

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This post has stuff about religion and a previous relationship. My perspective has changed

Well folks it’s about time to wrap up this little series on the Sabbath. Oh you didn’t know we were doing a series on the Sabbath, eh? Well you should probably go back and read 14 Reasons Why You Need a Sabbath and The Lazy Man’s Way to Avoid Burnout. They’ll blow…your…mind.

If you really want to feel rested and rejuvenated come Monday morning you need to be asking yourself some questions on your Sabbath. They are magic. Okay they are not magic but they are matchless in their potential to press meaning into your life. They’ll help you to reflect on the good and the bad and focus on converting mundane experiences into precious life-exchanges that transcend this ordinary life. Are you ready for this?

The Holy Grail of Sabbath day reflection

  1. What work did I do this week?
  2. What does my work mean?
  3. For whom did I do this work?
  4. Why did I do this work?
  5. What results did I expect/receive?
  6. By what standard of Truth did I make my decisions?
  7. How did my thoughts and values measure up to eternal Truths?
  8. What is my mission for the next week/month/year?

That list looks tough I know. I can only think so much in a day before I result to grunting out loud and clubbing my wife with stray tree branches. You’d think these questions would make your Sabbath day less restful. Truth is, for some weird reason, they make it more restful. They cause you to slow down and to think about your life in a different way. Give it a shot.

Adapted from Ordering Your Private World by Gordon MacDonald