How Quitting the Finances Made Me Save Money

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This post has stuff about religion and a previous relationship. My perspective has changed

I’ve been “doing the finances” for our family for almost 6 years now. I’ve done a decent job. I’ve somehow managed to buy us a few houses, support a family on one income, purchase our cars in cash and pay off my student loans. But as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve also managed to get us into some serious debt. We’ve now had plenty of late payments, and we’ve even had a few collections threats. But the future is looking bright. Why? I quit the finances.

Actually, Mary took them over, and she’s done an incredible job! It’s amazing what a second pair of eyes can do. In one week she’s gotten us out of collections, saved us money on our phone bill (and hooked me up with a data plan for my phone); she’s created a schedule for bill payment and even forecasted how much money we’ll have until the next paycheck.

So before you start applying for bad credit home loans or selling extraneous body parts just have someone else take a look, they might be able to find something that you didn’t see.