Aftermarket Movie Review: The Bank Job

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This post has stuff about a previous relationship. My perspective has changed


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The Bank Job

I just recently watched The Bank Job with Jason Statham. It’s a movie about a bunch of regular criminals trying to go straight who rob a bank by digging a tunnel into its vault. But they don’t realize that they’re being played. They eventually have to figure out how to get out of the mess they got themselves into or they’ll likely be killed by way of gruesome torture. Nice.

It had some action and a plot that was on par for the genre but nothing really notable. I did think that the cast was great and I liked love how each character developed their own little idiosyncrasies. It helped to keep the movie light when it could have gone very serious.

One of the first things that Mary asked me after I got home was “Jason Statham, he usually is around a lot of sex. Was there anything bad in the movie?” I realized then what I think I knew to begin with. The movie has nudity, a sex scene, and almost nude women (apart from tassels and panties) prancing around for a small portion of the film. YUCK !

I would have given the movie a 35 to begin with, but I’m going to have to give it a big fat 1. Sorry everyone. Don’t watch this movie.

My Rating: 1 out of 5

- Metacritic

Critics: 69100
Users: 7.710
- Kids-in-mind

Sex/Nudity: 810
Violence & Gore: 810
Profanity: 710