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This post has stuff about religion and a previous relationship. My perspective has changed

Jul 20, 2008 <span style=“display: none;” class=“reviewer vcard”>by Dustin Boston </span>

Photo of The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse

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The Swiss Family Robinson

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There are plenty of books out there like How to Be a Great Dad, How to Make Love to Your Wife With Only Your Eyes, or my personal favorite How to Survive in the Wilderness With Only a Boyz II Men Cassette Tape, a Pointy Stick, and a Dirty Handkerchief. But why read some boring textbook when you can get the same thing in narrative form! That’s The Swiss Family Robinson for you. Not that you’d ever need to know how to create cups out of gourds on a deserted tropical island, but there are plenty of other very applicable lessons to be learned.

The author and preacher Johann David Wyss, through the Father of the Robinson Family often emphasizes the importance of trust in God. Each time the family finds a new source of provision, each time they are saved from death, and whenever their ingenuity serves them well they are quick to praise God.

The four sons, Fritz, Ernest, Jack, and Franz are absolutely hilarious! They are always curious and always ready for excitement and conquests. They regularly burst into chaotic expressions of joy or fear. They had me laughing hard on more than one occasion! It’s through them that we able to learn many lessons as people in general but also as parents.

The boys are allowed to play and get excited. They’re not stifled, although sometimes they are redirected. They are taught the values of respect, education, hard work, industry, faith, morality, and more. All through simple illustrations — catching some birds, or taming a donkey. It’s a great summer read that is perfect for any guy!



==Photo by robizumi