Freelancing. Finally!

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This post has stuff about religion and a previous relationship. My perspective has changed

I finally did it. I quit my job at U-Haul to pursue a big dream of mine—to work from home as a full-time freelance web developer! I am completely excited about the flexibility that comes with freelancing. I love that I won’t have an hour and a half drive to and from work each day—that alone is huge! I love being my own boss, and I’ve got the organizational skills and motivation to make it work.

I’m under no illusions of grandeur here. I know it’s tough work and I’ve thought about it long and hard. At first it was a little scary wondering where my clients would come from and if I would have enough of them to provide for my family. This fear has been slightly dispelled, however, because I’ve already got some potential clients.

Another thing that is a little scary is insurance. We’re having a hard time getting insurance because of some news we have yet to post about (hint hint). Good thing is that Blue Cross Blue Shield will cover Madeline regardless of whether Mary and I are insured.

All things considered though, there really couldn’t be a better time in life to take the plunge: financially speaking, we probably have the lowest amount of expenses we’ll ever have; professionally speaking, I’ve gained enough experience to back my work; spiritually speaking, we know that we’re right in the center of God’s will for our lives. If I didn’t take the opportunity now, I’d regret it later.

Hooray for this new adventure; it’s going to be a fun ride!