11 Things I Learned About Buying a Suit

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This post has stuff about LGBT and a previous relationship. My perspective has changed

Hey Man Nice Suit

This weekend the wife and I went to a big company party. It was a big to do with thousands of people in attendance. Since it was a formal party, I thought I’d get a suit — I wanted to make a good impression and whatnot. So I went over to Men’s Warehouse and got myself a nice sport coat, pants, and shoes.

I’ll have you know that this was only the second time in my entire life that I’ve worn a suit/tux. The other time was at my wedding. So I’m pretty stupid when it comes to the rules of suit-wearing, fashions, and pricing. This is what I learned in the process:

  1. Never button the bottom button on any suit jacket, evar. This is some funny tradition about wearing suit jackets. It also makes it more comfortable to sit.
  2. Suit jackets are not designed for comfort. They are designed to give you just enough room to shake hands, gesture a little bit, and no more. You can’t put your arms over your head in a jacket. You’re not supposed to be able to.
  3. Always match your socks to your pants. I’m such a dork. I’ve been matching my socks to my shirt for years. Now I know…
  4. Your pants should fall over your shoes a little bit, but when they’re right, and you’re wearing good shoes you’ll still see a little sock.
  5. Visible stitching on a jacket is _more_desirable because it represents a higher level of craftsmanship. Because of this fact, it is also more expensive.
  6. They’re expensive—I ended up spending around $450 for mine. Same with a co-worker. You should expect to spend about that much.
  7. Your wife/girlfriend will almost certainly know WAAYY more about suits that you do. You should basically let her call the shots. I got to choose how many buttons I wanted on the jacket ;)
  8. You can wear a sport jacket with jeans. This is the added benefit of getting a sport coat. If you want to look casual but classy go this route.
  9. A pinstripe suit is a casual suit. You don’t just wear it unless you wear suits on a daily basis. Basically it shouldn’t be the only suit you own, as cool as it it looks.
  10. When you go to buy a suit, dress nice. Wear dress socks and a t-shirt (under a dressy shirt) so that you can try on everything that you need in order to make a good decision.
  11. Navy looks the same as black but the salesman knows the difference; Navy matches with gray.

All in all my experience was very positive. And I looked pretty darn good in that suit too!

Image by Gayle Gorman