Project 86: And The Rest Will Follow

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This post has stuff about a previous relationship. My perspective has changed

Project 86 is one of those few bands that have managed to reinvent themselves on nearly every album and yet still keep their long time fans happy. Their newest album, “… And The Rest Will Follow,” is certainly no exception. From dark whispers to 80’s style singing/yelling (yeah, it actually sounds pretty good), Frontman Andrew Schwab is now more vocally creative than ever. The only thing that Mary and I wish we could have heard more of was his trademark yell (which I mostly remember from their self titled album released in 1998). It’s still there, but it’s mostly overtaken by Schwab’s seemingly newfound uber rock vocals. Mary and I wondered to ourselves if maybe he was really hurting himself before and so learned to sing to keep his job for a while longer, but that’s just speculation. In fact, the whole band sounds a little more rock and roll than the hardcore sound that I’m used to, which is actually really nice. All in all I give the album a thumbs up and highly recommend it.