New Book By Nicholas Zakas: Principles of Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript

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I got super excited today when I found out that Nicholas Zakas is publishing a new book. Partly because I love the topic and partly because it’s really cool how he’s going about it1.

Even though I’ve been doing OOP for some time, I still find myself questioning what I’ve done when it comes to JavaScript. Something about dynamic languages throws me off and I get really sloppy—It’s like JavaScript pulls me into some parallel dimension where I just throw a bunch of unrelated shit into an object and call it good. In the end I have this, thing, with a bunch of semi-related utility functions, but no real objects in the OOP sense of the word. So yeah, as soon as I saw the title I knew it was a must read.

But what I think really did me in was Zakas’ transparency about the whole thing: self-publishing and the extra effort required to do so; the separate formats he wanted to support (yay .mobi!); the fact that it was written in markdown (!); the beta process and updates to final copy; and the pricing structure. Seriously how cool is it that you can pay what you like (within a certain range), and see how much he’s making off each copy sold.

The whole thing is just plain cool. And oh, by the way… it would probably make a great Christmas present (hint, hint).

  1. And partly because he’s got some very smart shit to say, and partly because his work has been influential in a project I’ve been contributing to, and everything like such as etc. [return]