Remove Badges That Don't Provide Meaning

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Disclosure: I write for Splash Press on Devlounge. I like Performancing. I want them to succeed so I can continue to write. BUT ….

In an article back from 2005 Performancing decried that one should “Cut down on the clutter!.” I completely believe in that principle and I am sure they do too, but there is a little badge in the sidebar that LIES !

A badge that has no use. Overall: 38, Strength: 39, Momentum -3. What does that mean?!

You see that?! I have no idea what that means. All I see is that negative momentum of 2.99%. I don’t want to click on the bagde; I could care less about it. I don’t know, maybe it means something to regulars but to someone who hasn’t been to the site in years, it looks like clutter.

I think they should ditch it. What’s more, I think you should ditch it. Do your badges, and widgets, and other sidebar items make any sense to a first time user? If not, REMOVE IT NOW . /rant.