Social Media and Religious Intolerance

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This post has stuff about politics and religion. My perspective has changed

By Tyla'75 on Flickr

A recent LA Times article confirmed my suspicions about religious intolerance on social media sites like Digg and Reddit.

A 2-year-old survey of Digg users showed a significant concentration of atheists and agnostics. Because Digg’s content is submitted and voted on by the users, the stories…reflect the audience.

I have noticed that there is also a left wing bent to many of the stories that hit the front page of Digg and its ilk. This was especially prevalent over the past several months due to the political campaign.

A lot of interesting, useful, and funny stuff comes up on the mainstream social media sites, but after the constant deluge of Jesus-bashing, Creationism-bashing, and Conservative-politics bashing I am ready to find some alternatives.

Maybe there really is something about not discussing politics and religion.

Photo by Tyla’75