Watch Out! Hasty Criticism Can Hurt, Ouch

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This post has stuff about a previous relationship. My perspective has changed

I'm with stupid

I’ve got to admit I didn’t really understand this until yesterday, and I am absolutely guilty. Last night Mary and I were talking about her recent foray into the finances. She basically ended up saying something like, “The finances are a mess and you’re to blame. You suck.” (Just kidding about the “You suck” part, but the other stuff is true.) At any rate, that stung me deep, and that’s when I realized that it’s not good to criticize when you’re just starting out with something.

We now interrupt you for this important message: Not that you needed me to tell you this, but I am a typical stupid man. I deserve one of those flashing rope light encrusted led signs that says something to the effect of, “Beware, Idiot Approaching.” And those who accompany me should be issued an “I’m with stupid” t-shirt or button. And now for the previously scheduled “Here’s your sign” story:

Being the moron that I am, I criticized everything when I started at Go Daddy. I bashed templates and designs and processes and procedures. I esteemed my perception as the new guy over the tried and true, hard work of my peers. I didn’t do it to hurt them, in fact, I did it with good intention but it just ‘aint right. Only after being there for months now have I realized even a fraction of what they knew then. [Shouting in British Accent] Sorry ‘bout that!

Sure, when you’re just starting out you have a fresh perspective. You have good points. You can see clearly the problems that have become so common to the veteran. But you can’t see the caveats. You can’t see the countless hours of hard work. You can’t see the compromises that had to be made for various external reasons. It is highly likely that whatever it is you’re working on now has good reason for being the way it is. Respect that.L

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