Do You Make These Mistakes When Towing Your Car?

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My car recently broke down and I was faced with a particularly disagreeable situation: either pay a towing company $65 to tow the car 4 miles to the mechanic or do it myself. My truck is too light to use a car-dolly and I don’t have a flatbed trailer. The only other option was to use a tow rope. I wanted to save some money so I chose the latter: tow the car myself. Here are a few common mistakes people make when towing their car.

Mistake 4: Did you tie your rope to something sharp?

Car bumpers are capable of shredding your strap. In fact a lot of things are when you’re towing a car. It’s best to make sure that nothing sharp is crossing the straps path.

Mistake 3: Are you going over 25 mph?

In my experience anything faster than 25 mph is too fast. It puts too much strain on the strap and it gets harder to manage the car that is in tow.

Mistake 2. Are you driving more than a few miles?

Tow straps aren’t meant for long distances. You should really only use a strap to get you to the nearest mechanic. I pulled my car about 4 miles and that’s really about the furthest I’d ever want to pull my car.

Mistake 1: Are you using an emergency tow rope instead of a recovery strap?

If you’re using an emergency tow rope it will just break. The metal hooks can (and do) fly off and hit stuff. A tow rope is better for pulling a car out of a ditch or something like that. A recovery strap, on the other hand, doesn’t have hooks and is made of better materials.

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