Would You Eat a Taranchula?

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This post has stuff about eating meat. My perspective has changed

I’ve eaten some pretty weird stuff in my life. Most of it was overseas. Actually all of it was overseas now that I think of it.

When I was in China I had the luxury of trying the famous Peking Duck. Okay, so that in itself isn’t so special or even weird. It’s just duck, right? Well yes. But aparently it’s common to eat more than just the meaty bits. In fact, the beak and glands are also “game.” Oh, and the brain.

After prying it out of the skull with a little spoon and biting into the soft cranial substance I was surpised to find that it was rather like sardines. All in all, not bad. But my food experimentation did not stop there.

It got really interesting in Cambodia. The locals fry up various bugs and serve them up like Cheetos on a platter. One such bug is the Taranchula. And yes, I ate it all—hairy legs, huge abomen, and beady little eyes. I cannot describe the sense of fear one has when he is about to eat an eight legged crawly thing the size of your hand. Oddly enough, they are quite meaty, and really not that bad.

But you know what is bad? Cockroaches. The grossest, dirtiest insect in the world. So it doesn’t take a genius to know that they are going to taste awful, but to make things worse they are fried up in the most disgusting sauce. The whole experience was awful. I’ve permenetly blocked it out of my mind in an attempt to forget the lingering flavor that would forever haunt my taste buds.

This whole eating bugs thing raises an interesting question: are bugs okay for Vegetarians to eat? They are insects after all. They are not mamals, and they don’t technically have muscles. I’d be interested to know what other Vegetarians think. Not that I’m going to start popping locust any time soon.