Shirts I Want From Snorg Tees

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This post has stuff about a previous relationship. My perspective has changed

I love these shirts over on Snorg Tees. They’re really funny and I guess there are new ones every day.


Everyone knows I’m a geek. As hard as I try to look sophisticated, hip, and business like, it still shines through somehow. Maybe it’s because I make banker jokes? Hmm, well anyway, I want this shirt for those days that I’m feeling particularly nerdy.


Mary and I used an interesting technique the other day to make a decision over the phone. Rock, paper, scissors! Have you ever played rock, paper, scissors over the phone? It’s really fun and you should definitely try it. It’s best done when people are watching :) I thought this shirt would be a fun way to commemorate our creativity.


Of course the pirate/ninja (mostly ninja) obsession is in full force so I thought it would be fun to jump in with this Pirate Encyclopedia shirt. Seriously, that is so funny.