Moneyhacks: Save on Movie Rentals by Going to the Grocery Store

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We don’t have a TV. Instead we rent movies and watch them on the computer. We do have cable, but that’s because it came free with our internet access. At any rate, we used to go to Hollywood Video and Blockbuster but we don’t anymore. That’s because we found a much less expensive way to rent movies!

By simply going to the grocery store we were able to rent movies for only $0.99, rather than the $4.05 that were paying at the big movie stores. Most grocery stores have a little movie rental section if not a movie rental machine, like Redbox or DVDPlay.

If you’re extra clever you can even get your movies for free or at a reduced price. For Redbox, head over to Redbox codes where you can find promotional codes that you can use to get free rentals. For DVDPlay, use DVDPlay Codes (go figure).

Parting words: If you actually want to save money, don’t forget to return the movie in a timely fashion. All these folks will just keep charging you on a daily basis until you bring the thing back, duh. So don’t forget. Happy saving!