Atomic Euphonic is now John Gibbons. Just Kidding.

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Okay, Pixelfish pointed out this funny Wikipedia meme that’s going around. Go to the Wikipedia homepage and hit the random article link 12 times. The first one is your band name, the second one is the album name, and the last 10 are the tracks. I thought it was kinda silly and kinda relevent, since I have a sort-of band. So here it is, the new band name, our next album and the tracklisting. (Of course there are only 5 tracks, because that’s how we do things around here).

  • Band Name

John Gibbons
- Album Name

- Track List

  1. Burggrafenamt

  2. State Security Agency of the Republic of Belarus

  3. Camp 4 (Yosemite)

  4. Real user monitoring

  5. 3-Ply