Lake Powell, How I Love Thee

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Brian mentioned that I’m lacking choices when I say that Lake Powell is my favorite place in the world. If Brian can find a lake with the following attributes—that Lake Powell has, mind you—I will humbly reconsider.Lake Powell…
* Is the 2nd largest man-made lake in the United States

  • Is 186 miles long

  • Has over 90 major canyons

  • Has almost 2000 miles of shoreline (more than the entire west coast of the United States!)

  • Has had over 32 movies filmed there including Greatest Story Ever Told and Planet of the Apes (old and new)

  • Has a water depth of over 500 feet at Glen Canyon Dam at Full Pool

  • First reached Full Pool in 1980—the year that I was born

Via Aramark’s Lake Powell Website