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Big O (*Grr*)

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Blowing up

Is what these tires are good for

Got Advice:

Opt out or you will buy some more

Discount Tires

Happy Holidays

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Has it been this long since I have written

A line of prose for those whom I have smitten?

Please disregard my negligence this time

Per printing life on paper in our minds

(Yule-Tide occasion begs that you be nice :))

Happy Holidays may be my pleasure

Optimistic hope, this will be my measure:

Laughter and lightheartedness returning

Interest in others starts its churning.

Day after day, let the grey fade away

And from now on may some joy come this way.

(Yearning to be my old self once again,

Sending this blog with best wishes, dear friends.)


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Ironic development:

Stupid highway I used to hate,

Is now the road I’m forced to take

X number of lanes—not enough—

Though today it wasn’t that tough.

Yours truly, I-Sixty fan.


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This post has stuff about religion. My perspective has changed

Could it be more stressful?

Only God would know.

Right now I can rest

Pleased corp’rate has to go.


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This post has stuff about religion. My perspective has changed

Unfitting for professionals!

Not locking up our brand new house

Lament this poor congressional—

Obscene—but what can we do now?

Collect our thoughts and give them grace

Keep doing what God says to do.

Effulgent heart and smiling face

Declare His love is true.

Garage Day!

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Saturday, October 26, 2002

Gave us the garage!

At least we can move

Ride straight outta dodge

And step on it too!

Gather the stuff up

Excitement is high

Don’t have the house keys—

All joking aside—

Yes, this will do just fine.

Let Down

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Friday, October 25, 2002

Let Down

Light at end of tunnel fade away;

Everything was fine, until this day:

There’s a problem with the Docs,” they say.

Draw them up again but do it right!

Oh, now we won’t sign ‘til Monday night.

Well what can we say? Have a good day?

Nevermind any plans that we’ve made.

Loan Docs (Part 2)

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Laborious days

Of waiting have passed

At last to sign

Needed documents (and fast)!

Dreams of our new home:

Opiate affair

Caring friends top it off, with

Support in our fare.

Friend Chris

Loan Docs

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Likely it is, that we will get our house

On this Friday instead of next week.

A moment had passed when things looked so bleak;

Now that moment just seems tongue and cheek.

Documents, documents, where are you at?

On the car? In the mail? By the cat?

Come right now! This is our last complaint,

Should we wait too long, and then grow faint.

Carpet's In

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Came just it like should

Although it feels too late

Relief is at the door

Pray that we make the date

Everything is done

The landscaping is last

So send Inspector fast!

I will remember this:

Nae is this _our_house, but His.