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What’s in a Story? is the seminal primer for behavior-driven development (BDD). It ups the Agile-game by adding in the concept of scenarios—which are essentially Acceptance Criteria1, but more structured. This format is useful throughout the entire organization and is essentially a framework for a “ubiquitous language”2. The format of a BDD-style user story is this:

Title (one line describing the story)

As a [role]
I want [feature]
So that [benefit]

Acceptance Criteria: (presented as Scenarios)

Scenario 1: Title
Given [context]
  And [some more context]...
When  [event]
Then  [outcome]
  And [another outcome]...

Scenario 2: ...

  1. AKA, Conditions of Service, whatever you want to call them [return]
  2. A language used by everyone within an organization to describe the features of the software, from CEOs to programmers