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Joshua Rothman, In Facebook’s Courtroom:

…there’s Web culture’s increasing tendency toward anger as an end in itself. In recent years, the Web’s continuous pageantry of outrage, judgment, and punishment has become an inescapable element of contemporary life. We all carry in our pockets a self-serious, hypercritical, omnipresent, never-ending, and unpredictable justice system. Pick up your phone and court is in session; put it down and it’s in recess.

I’ve felt myself reaching for the gavel a lot more lately. In the last six weeks we’ve had significant outrages such as Net Neutrality, Ferguson, Gamer Gate, The Fappening, and Ray Rice. As soon as one drama comes to a close, the next begins to unfold. Sometimes they even overlap. What is this doing to my blood pressure? And how can we live peacefully in a society where the default is mass public hysterical outrage?