Hey, I’m Dustin. I started blogging in October of 2002 after a friend talked me into it. This blog has had many names and locations: It started as In Acrostic, hosted on Blogger in its pre-Google days; then it became The Young Bostons and was hosted from a server at my house over DSL; Finally, in 2008 it found a home here as dBlogIt. I’ve had a couple of other sites over the years, including Atomic Euphonic and Bajooter, all of which have found their way here too.

It exists for my enjoyment, as a form of self-expression, and thus has no particular theme. Sometimes I write about what’s going on in my life. Other times I write about web development. I write about things that I think are cool, things that I am thinking about, and things that I am learning.

People change

In so many ways my blog reflects me, especially how much I’ve changed. For example, I’ve written a lot about my life and perspective as a Christian, but now I’m atheist. I’ve written about conservative politics, although now I am solidly independent. There was a lot about my previous marriage, but I have since divorced and am now happily remarried. I used to eat meat, and now I’m vegan. I used to be homophobic, and now I find myself surrounded by some of the most intelligent, genuine, and wonderfully gay people I have ever met.

I’ve written a lot of bigoted things over the years, especially about athiest, liberals, and gays. I don’t hold those views any more and I’m sorry I said those things. I want to leave the posts up to draw attention to what I believe is a better way of life.

Thanks for reading.